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Whether you want to add volume, thickness, length or colour to your existing hair, our friendly and professional team will help you achieve the look you have always dreamed of. We can help you pick your length, volume, and style in our salon shop and then apply your extensions at a fraction of the price of other outlets. After your extensions have been applied our stylists will trim and style them to blend into your natural ends. This makes sure that your extensions look the best.

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Installation Methods

Our Salon offers four methods of permanent hair extensions installation:

Tape In

Lightweight and easy to attach, our virtually undetectable tape in extensions system involves taking a section of your own hair and applying one skin weft above it and one skin weft below it, effectively sandwiching your own hair between the two wefts. Read more...

Micro-Ring (I-Tip)

The micro-ring i-tip method attaches the extension by threading your natural hair through a micro-ring bead alongside the hair extension, then clamping down the micro-ring to hold the hair extension in place. Read more…

Hot Fusion (U-Tip)

Keratin U-Tip bonds are lined with silicone and attached to the hair using a heating element. Your hair is placed between the U-Tip and sealed with a hot extension tool that melts the bond to your hair. The silicone lining of the U-Tip creates a barrier to protect your natural hair. Read more...

Micro-Ring Weft

Micro-Ring Weft hair extension application is much quicker than the individual strand-by-strand micro-ring or pre-bonded method. The weft of hair is placed horizontally in strips against the head. Read more...