Superior Hair Extensions Pty Ltd / Australia
Superior Hair Extensions Pty Ltd / Australia

Whether you want to add volume, thickness,  length  or   colour to your existing hair, use our how to guides to help you achieve the look you have always dreamed of.

Here are some of our tips and information you need to know to get the best from your extensions.

Q: What colour of hair extensions should I choose?

A: Simply send in a sample or a photo of your hair and Superior Hair will help you match the closest colour from our wide selection. You should always choose a colour that matches your hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. We can also sell colour ring-samples so you can get an exact match for your hair colour.

Q: Can the Human Hair Be Coloured?

A: Because the hair has been processed and sterilised we do not advise doing any more chemical treatments on it as it can easily be ruined affecting the quality and desired colour. We suggest you choose the colour that is closest to your natural hair so that the hair extensions blend with your natural hair colour. If you do decide to dye it is best to use a semi-permanent colour or colour conditioner(always lighter to darker never darker to lighter). Do not rub or tangle the hair, apply the dye and using the flat palms of your hands pat it though the hair in a stroking motion from root to tip. You also might want to test the colour on a few strands first to make sure the resulting shade is what you anticipate.

Please note: We take absolutely NO responsibility for any damage caused by dying the hair extensions even if done professionally. Refunds will not be offered for damage caused by colouring. Dyeing or using any chemical process voids any warranty.

Q: Can I straighten hair extensions?

A: Yes! You can straighten, blow-dry,  curl, and style the human hair extensions, just as you would your own hair. We recommend using only low settings on curling irons, GHD and blow dryers. It is always best to always use a heat protection product before applying heat to the extensions. Just like our own hair, the less heat you use the better! For deep wave and very curly  textures you may not want to brush it out or heat style it as it can
become frizzy. For this style let air dry, with a wide tooth comb and scrunch with your fingers.

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