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Superior Hair Extensions Pty Ltd / Australia
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Our Customer Services Department is available during the opening hours and are happy to answer any questions and queries you may have. They are also committed and dedicated to working with you to resolve any issues that may arise and accept that technology is not foolproof, mistakes can and do happen but we want to fix them. We're real people, and love to help out wherever, however we can, which, our proven record of top quality support reflects. If there is a problem, e.g. you receive the wrong item, or wrong size, colour etc then please contact us to get it sorted out at no cost to you. We don't charge for return shipping. Please email or call us whatever is easiest for you. Remember to keep in touch, if you haven't heard from us, please let us know. Our goal is for you the customer to be happy.


For delivery: Credit cards via /Internet Transfer / Bank Deposit.


Commonwealth Bank


BSB: 062 000

Account Number: (062000) 14551483

When you make payment please reference number and your name as the reference. This is especially important with a bank deposit and internet transfers.


All orders will be sent from Superior Hair New Zealand store via DHL EXPRESS. Delivery time 1-4 working days Australia wide (depending on where you are in Australia)


Any personal information that is provided to Superior Hair Extensions is retained for the purposes of contact and shipping only and will not be distributed to third parties.


We will not accept unauthorized returns of Hair Extensions. If you receive your purchase and are in any way unhappy with it please contact us. Please also note: Before returning or exchanging, please make sure the cardboard part of the packaging has not been removed or damaged & the ties are still in place (these ties hold the extensions to the cardboard backing). Please do not remove the ties/plastic tags & attempt to replace them as this will make the extensions void & will not be refunded.

Due to hygiene reasons we only offer refunds/exchanges on hair products that have not been opened, worn or tampered with (They can be removed from their plastic sleeve but cannot be removed from the cardboard holder & ties). All packaging must be returned with any return or exchange.

If you have been authorized to return a product it MUST be returned in its original packaging and in the same brand new condition in which you received it. If an item is returned and we deem that it has not been returned to us in the original brand new condition in which it was sent then the item will be returned to you at your cost and no refund issued.

If hair has been cut or coloured/altered in any way returns cannot and will not be accepted under any circumstances. Dyeing or changing the state of the hair extensions will void any warranty on all hair extensions. Do so at your own risk.

If you have purchased Clip in Extensions please inspect the hair BEFORE removing the bindings from the hair. Once the bindings have been removed we cannot accept a return.

If a clip is loose these can easily be re-stitched back on using normal needle and thread. If a clip is broken we will happily send you a replacement clip so that you can sew it back on. We will even include a few spares for you. Clips can and do break/come loose etc and as such we will replace the clip, but not the entire hair extension set. Clips are considered a consumable part of the hair extensions. Removing the bindings indicates acceptance on your part that the hair is in good condition and suitable for your use.

If we are refunding your purchase for any reason only a refund of the purchase price will be issued. Postage costs are non-refundable. Return postage is at the expense of the purchaser. We will not cover return postage costs.  If you are unsure of a colour please call us on our Free Call number: 1800 686 729

PERMANENT hair extensions: (I tip, Utip, Tape in, Easy loop) Once installed we are unable to offer a product guarantee. As we have no control to where or what they are exposed to when the customer leaves your premises, also we have no direct control on the quality of the work carried out in the installation process. You acknowledge that there are always risks that PERMANENT hair extensions method could damage your hair at your risk.

The display package. Which means the display unit and the hair extensions. They can only be returned together not individually. They must be returned within 7 days of receipt.

All package/kit can only be returned together not individually.

They MUST be returned within 7 days of receipt.

What is difference between A grade AAA grade and Premium grade hair?

Superior Hair Extensions has three grades of hair extensions being A grade AAA grade and Premium grade. A grade is a middle grade but still a quality product. AAA grade is our second best grade of hair extensions and premium grade being our best grade. These ratings have been selected by Superior Hair to distinguish between our grades of hair extensions. Other hair extension suppliers may have their own grading system. We are confident that our hair extensions are amongst the best available and as good if not better than those from other supplier.



How long will hair extensions last?

There are many factors. First you want to buy the very best quality hair, and care for it properly so they will last longer. Each person is different, depending on care of the hair, brushing, using blow dryers and hot irons, how it was applied, swimming, how often washed, etc. Some people like the hair extensions to always look new and replace them regularly. Other people continue to use the hair extensions even though they are not looking brand new. Due to all these factors no one can give an exact amount of days hair will last for each person. They can last for many months or be easily ruined if not cared for properly. Hair extensions will always be subject to wear and tear over time. However we will not replace or refund hair extensions subject to normal wear and tear over time or affected by more than normal usage or usage not in accordance with our instructions.